PhoneBurner Review and Pricing in 2020 - Automatic dialing software

PhoneBurner has already proven its worth as one of the best automatic dialing software to generate new sales leads, improve contact management, and simplify sales workflow. Its outbound call center allows having more live conversations than any other software, filtering busy and no-answer calls on the list.

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Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 17, 2020

PhoneBurner Performance Overview

phoneburner review

PhoneBurner mostly focuses on boosting outbound sales. It has the potential to increase outbound productivity, improving efficiency by UP TO 4 TIMES. That means you will be getting more minutes of valuable, delay-free conversations. Also, with PhoneBurner you can count on effective workflow automation and reporting, which can boost your sales even higher.

Its most notable features include:

  • Four-time faster dial leads,
  • Absence of awkward pauses when the contact picks up,
  • Ability to drop voicemails or emails in 1-click,
  • Automated post-call workflows,
  • No special equipment is needed to set up this call center.

H2: PhoneBurner Best For

PhoneBurner works best for businesses interested in selling their products and services through cold calling. It is best fit for:

  • Online sales,
  • Insurance practices,
  • Transportation,
  • Internet Marketing,
  • SMB working in other industries.

Over 50% OF PHONEBURNER’S CLIENTS are representatives of small and medium businesses.

Obviously, the very fact the PhoneBurner provides its services for outbound call centers makes it best for companies looking for:

  • Better contact management,
  • Follow-up,
  • Sales workflow.

PhoneBurner Auto-Dialer Features

PhoneBurner works best for businesses interested in selling their products and services through cold calling. Sales professionals all admit that after years of using PhoneBurner they cannot find any better alternative that would deal with daily tasks so effectively.

Given the scope of its functions, PhoneBurner can easily integrate with different CRM systems. It helps sales professionals use their contact lists and maintain detail contact records to improve reach-out and generate new leads. PhoneBurner is best for online sales, insurance practices, transportation, internet and SMB working in other industries.

Obviously, the very fact the PhoneBurner provides its services for outbound call centers only makes it best for companies looking for better contact management, follow-up, and sales workflow. Over 50% of PhoneBurner’s clients are representatives of small and medium businesses.

PhoneBurner Features

phoneburner features

PhoneBurner offers a variety of useful features designed to help clients reach their outbound sales goals.

Dial Leads Faster 4 Times

phoneburner dialer

This software can dial for you and drop voicemails instantly. It means 4 times more live conversations that bring value to your business. PhoneBurner helps to eliminate sales call drudgery, letting agents spend their time on sales closure.

Voicemails and Emails

There is nothing better than the opportunity to drop voicemails and emails instantly and without waiting. Your agents will get tired of saying the same things repeatedly, so why not record a message for your next client?

No Awkward Pause When Client Picks Up

Usually, clients get annoyed with an awkward pause that appears when they pick up the phone. Given the fact that PhoneBurner is TCPA-compliant, it is possible to avoid such pauses.

Cloud-based Software

PhoneBurner offers a new approach to dialing. You do not need to have any professional equipment. You do not have to install anything “heavy” on your computer. This cloud-based technology needs just 15 min to start setting your sales.

Manage Your Leads

phoneburner dialer lead management

PhoneBurner provides you with an in-built CRM or can easily integrate with other popular CRM systems. Such close integration helps PhoneBurner organize your leads and calls activity, keep detailed records of conversations, provide follow-ups, and create reports.

Automated Workflow

phone burner automation

Thanks to an easy-to-use interface, all critical actions require just one click. Such workflow automation is helpful for speeding up your performance and boosting your sales.

Email Tracking

PhoneBurner is effective when tracking your customers’ engagement. You can manage emails and attachments easily. Subsequently, it gives you more possibilities to know your prospects and strike when it is the best time.

Lead Distribution

LeadStream is a unique technology that distributes leads based on AI and customizable delivery rules. Such an approach can meet customer expectations about service and increase conversion.

Custom Reporting

phone burner custom reporting

LeadStream is a unique technology that distributes leads based on AI and customizable delivery rules. Such an approach can meet customer expectations about service and increase conversion.

Intuitive Interface

PhoneBurner is number one in terms of ease of use. After you set up the soft, you can immediately start working. An intuitive and user-friendly interface will make no trouble for you to learn to dial and use if for your benefit.

Adjustable Pricing

phone burner pricing

You can choose the pricing scheme that fits your business best but still get the most out of the software. How much you pay depends only on your plans to use PhoneBurner and your satisfaction with the product.

Pros & Cons

Based on PhoneBurner reviews, it is easy to conclude that its advantages largely outweigh disadvantages. One of the key features that customers find useful are:

  • An ability to handle up to 100 calls a day,
  • Local ID that is very convenient for making local calls and receiving return calls from customers,
  • Pre-recorded voicemails that are very helpful for avoiding awkward pauses when the client picks up,
  • A possibility to customize recorded messages as per your business needs,
  • An opportunity to record all call sessions and analyze them,
  • It provides impactful analytics on the call center’s performance.

Its fast and convenient integration and an easy-to-navigate interface make it the number one choice for many. Overall, PhoneBurner optimizes live conversations, increases call rates and helps businesses to gain new clientele.

However, several users mentioned some improvements to be made. They include:

  • An ability to prioritize calls across multiple pages of leads. For now, creating your own list and order is impossible with PhoneBurner,
  • Flaws and bugs of software due to a constant software update. Such issues are not frequent and can be easily resolved after reloading.

PhoneBurner Pricing Overview

The PhoneBurner pricing scheme is very convenient for both new and existing users. Every agent finds the price fully compatible with the quality of the product.

Monthly Premium Subscription A Free Trial A Yearly Subscription
A monthly Premium subscription costs $149. For this money, you receive all the features mentioned below for every user and several admin features.


For those who consider doing business with PhoneBurner, a free trial is available. Since it is a demo version, only several most needed functions are offered.


For those who are loyal to PhoneBurner and order a yearly subscription, the company offers a 15% discount for each monthly payment. In other words, all best outbound call center features will be available for just $126 per month.



Premium features for every user include:

  • Unlimited Power Dialing,
  • Call Recording,
  • Call Transfer,
  • Call Tracking and Analytics,
  • CRM Integration,
  • Voicemail Drop,
  • Custom Dispositions,
  • Email Sending,
  • Email Tracking,
  • Lead Filtering,
  • Local ID,
  • Customer Support.

Admin features include:

  • Dedicated Admin Portal,
  • Smart Lead Distribution,
  • Real-Time Reports,
  • Add/Remove/Edit Seats,
  • Content Sharing, and
  • Dedicated Success Manager.

Supported Operating System(s)

Like many other programs of this type (like Mojo Automatic Dialer or Five9 software), PhoneBurner is OS agnostic. It works with any web browser regardless of the operating system.

CRM Integration

PhoneBurner is compatible with TCPA/FCC. It has a built-in CRM system but also offers quick and easy integration with:

  • Salesforce,
  • HubSpot,
  • Zapier,
  • Open API,
  • and others.

Sales professionals admit that after years of using PhoneBurner they cannot find any better alternative that would deal with daily tasks so effectively. Its CRM integration helps sales agents use their contact lists and maintain detailed contact records to improve reach-out and generate new leads.

Companies providing CRM systems usually suggest PhoneBurner to their clients for its being easy to use and install. Integration goes smoothly, so both clients and the CRM development team face no trouble.

Comparison with Other Software

If we compare PhoneBurner with other automatic dialing software, we may find out that all of them are strong competitors and work best for certain businesses and certain markets.

PhoneBurner with Five9 PhoneBurner with Mojo
If we are to compare PhoneBurner with Five9, the last has a much wider scope of functions. It offers software for inbound, outbound and blended call centers. For some businesses, such versatility is much more advantageous.


However, if we compare only the outbound aspect, PhoneBurner beats other competitors in terms of

●      customer support,

●      functionality,

●      ease-of-use,

●      analytics and reporting options that are easy to understand and offer much help to new customers.

PhoneBurner and Five9 both have great customer support, but PhoneBurner does not offer a chat option.


If we compare PhoneBurner with Mojo, many customers admit that Mojo is much more acceptable in terms of price. It is true; the difference is around $27 per month or even more.


However, Mojo focuses on providing dialing services needed by real estate businesses.


PhoneBurner is universal software and fits different businesses.


At the same time, Mojo is great about scheduling calls. It is possible to prioritize calls as you need and schedule them. PhoneBurner lacks this function so far.


Customer Support

Many business and salespersons who left their comment about PhoneBurner emphasized high-quality customer support they received. Every rating evaluates it as 5/5. You can address them with any requests and expect a prompt reply.

  • The help is available at any time through phone and email.
  • The support team is trained to help you with any inquiries.
  • If the qualification of a customer support agent does not allow it, he or she will refer your call to a narrow specialist. They will help you fix a bug or learn how to use a certain feature in no time.
  • Customer service aims to satisfy clients and help them with onboarding as well. They are especially friendly and helpful throughout the installation process.

Contact Details

The company was founded in 2009 in the U.S. and has been successfully providing its services for around 11 YEARS now.

Its headquarters are still located in the U.S. only.

If you need more information, it is available at

Jerry Carter

Jerry Carter

Editorial Staff