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Automatic dialing software is used by many companies interested in attaining clients through cold-calling. It allows dialing lists of phone numbers automatically, playing pre-programmed messages and routing live calls to customer service or sales agents. Such dialing software helps eliminate non-serviceable numbers or busy numbers from the list. In this review we dive into it’s features, pros and cons, as well as how it compares to it’s closest competitors – Five9 Automatic Dialer and PhoneBurner.

Jerry Carter

Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 3, 2020

Mojo Automatic Dialing Software

mojo dialer review

Mojo auto dialer software was developed to simplify cold-calling for the real estate industry. By taking into account all real estate companies’ business needs, Mojo dialer enabled both cold calling and real estate FSBO/Expired prospecting based on a massive number of customers. Today, this software is largely recognized as the best dialer option in the real estate industry.

Mojo Auto Dialer Key Features

Mojo dialer together with other phone dialers is evaluated based on several criteria. They include price, ease of use, call automation, CRM, VoIP, call analytics, and customer support. Mojo beats most of its competitors since it makes training easy and helps connect with more prospects through Click to Call feature.

In a great variety of functions that Mojo dialer successfully performs, the most important are the following:

  • Lead management combined with sales pipeline creation that simplifies decision making;
  • Customer relationship management that allows saving money and time by tracking call data automatically;
  • Process automation and task management possible through Mojo’s scheduling tools and calendar management.

What Are the Best Mojo Features?

mojo dialer app review


Among the most recognized features that make Mojo a number one choice of many real estate companies, easy platform integration with such partners as Boomtown, Wise Agent, Top Producer, Zapier, Follow Up Boss, and others rank top.


Thanks to its 3-Line Dialer function, Mojo makes it easy to categorize certain calls into such groups as no-answer or do-not-call. It can also start taking notes if someone picks up the phone.

VoIP Integration

Many Mojo’s competitors choose this protocol enabling them to integrate their software with VoIP business phone systems. Mojo does not use VoIP technology (voice-over-internet-protocol) because of a high volume of issues related to a bad connection or dropped calls.

Call Analytics

Each agent’s performance is evaluated automatically. With such detailed reports, it becomes easier to analyze the agent’s contribution, especially when it comes to calling volume, campaign success, etc.

Mobile App

Mojo has developed an app that works on both iOS and Android platforms. Thanks to it, you can make calls on the fly. This feature is especially useful for agents who are usually far from their computers but still need to proceed with cold calls. However, a strong Wi-Fi connection is required.


It allows assigning and tracking calls to the entire team. This is a great solution for managers or team leads having a dispersed team of agents, VAs and ISAs responsible for making calls.

Customer Support

Mojo offers high quality and easy-to-access customer support to every company using its services. Any issue is quickly handled by its best customer support agents who can be reached out through email, chat or phone.


For those who use Mojo for the first time, it offers a comprehensive training guide to enhance the onboarding experience. If you follow these instructions step by step, it will not be difficult for you to use the software for your business needs.

Mojo’s Pros & Cons

mojo dialer app pricing

Agents love Mojo for:

  • The ability to make hundreds of calls per day using 3-Line Dialer,
  • A feature that allows filtering the lists,
  • An easy-to-use interface combined with a mobile app,
  • A useful 3-line dialer feature
  • Active advocacy for teamwork, and
  • A comprehensive training guide to enhancing the onboarding experience.

However, some users claim that they have to import lists from other resources because Mojo’s lists are not sufficient. It could be true because some external companies are able to provide lists of cell phone numbers that are better for lead generation.

Mojo Pricing

For some businesses, Mojo can be an expensive choice. Thus, if you are searching for an auto-dialer to make calls to over a hundred users per day, Mojo is the best option. If the number of clients is lower, it is better to stick with Mojo dialing alternatives because of a high price.

As a customer, you get to choose a dialer license that costs:

  • $89 per month for Single Line Dialer.
  • $139 per month for Triple Line Dialer.

Each Mojo user is charged $10.

In addition, it is possible to add some extra features for extra price based on your business needs:

  • Click to Call – $39 per month.
  • Neighborhood Search – $40 per month.
  • Expired Data – $50 per month.
  • FSBO’s – $25 per month.
  • Reverse Look Up – $40 per month.

Therefore, the most basic subscription will cost you $99 minimum as a single user.

Dialing and Call Capabilities

Supported Operating Systems

Mojo is OS-agnostic because it is a completely web-based dialer. You can use it on devices supporting any operating system.

Mojo enables real estate agents to

  • Create their own lists by importing data, posting it, filtering lists, etc.,
  • Organize data in the way that meet their needs best to create a custom workflow,
  • Create calendars that would allow automatic dialing and follow-up calls using Mojo’s in-built tools,
  • Integrate dialing software with a variety of CRM tools and real estate products,
  • Send voicemails and recorded messages in just one click,
  • Avoid connectivity issues by eliminating VoIP technology,
  • Use the mobile app for agents that can be geographically dispersed,
  • Encourage communication and teamwork between agents working on a remote basis.

CRM Integrations

Mojo supports direct CRM integration with such CRM platforms as:

  • Salesforce,
  • Zapier,
  • BoomTown,
  • CINC,
  • Follow Up Boss,
  • Top Producer,
  • Real Geeks, and

However, there is no problem for Mojo to integrate with other real estate agent products and CRM. It supports nearly all of the existing CRM programs, so it will not be an issue for your business.


Agents love Mojo for its easy-to-use interface and an outstanding 3-line dialer feature that is very useful if cold calling and real estate prospecting are done en masse. However, many of them use lists supplied by third parties.

Thus, if you are a business in need of an automated phone dialing system to make calls to over a hundred users per day, Mojo is a great choice for you. If the number of clients is lower, it is better to stick with alternatives because of a high price.

Mojo offers high quality and easy-to-access customer support to every company using its services. You can reach its customer support agents through email, chat or phone quickly and handle any issue.

They have been providing and advancing automatic dialing services for over 11 years now.

Jerry Carter

Jerry Carter

Editorial Staff