The Best Auto Dialer Software of 2020

While the sphere of marketing and sales continues to grow and develop, some tools and principles are great enough to outlast even the most radical changes. If you believe that cold calling is a thing from the days gone by, then we have some news for you: auto-dialing software is still here! And, what is more, this method of customer interaction is pretty fruitful for both – your potential clients and colleagues.

In this review, we are going to review four auto dialer software services, their key features, pros, and cons. Also, we will stop on some aspects of auto-dialing as a marketing tool, its modes, benefits, and other questions. We will compare prices, discover important facts, and answer the most frequently asked questions about the auto-dialing software. Hopefully, this article will help you make the right decision when choosing an auto dialing option for your business!

Jerry Carter

Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 6, 2020

What is Auto-Dialing Software?

Auto-dialing software is used to retrieve phone numbers from the list of your customers and do the automatic phoning. A dialer can be used as a stand-alone tool or a switcher that connects a call recipient to a live person, interactive voice response, or another line.

In the sales sphere, auto-dialers are used to decrease the physical efforts of agents and filter calls. This reduces unnecessary “silent” periods and improves the flow of business-customer communication

1. Five9

Total Score 9.5/10

five9 cloud software logo
five9 other features and tools
five9 outbound call center
  • Ease-of-use9.0/10
  • Value for money9.5/10
  • Customer support10/10
  • Functionality9.0/10
  • Platform Compatibility10/10

Five9 automatic dialer is an advanced cloud-based contact center that uses AI technology to provide customer-business communication through different channels. Not only do they have phoning features, but also chatting, social media, email, and more. Phoning tools based on AI recognize human speech and detect those that have value. They direct interactions to the live agents, sync them with CRM, monitor, and analyze sessions to improve performance.

Prices are flexible and start from $150.00 per month. There is no fixed price list here – the final cost depends on the customer’s plan and features to include.


  • Installed – Mac
  • Installed – Linux
  • Installed – Windows
  • Web browser

Business size

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


  • Cloud
  • On-premise

The best thing about Five9 is that every customer has an opportunity to build a customized pack of features that corresponds to your business needs. Also, AR and IVR technologies deliver such features as speech recognition and sophisticated quality monitoring performed with minimal human participation. Still, a bit confusing pricing on the website is the main minus of the service. It is really hard to count how much you should pay for the required services before you actually apply for them.

2. PhoneBurner

Total Score 9.0/10

phone burner logo
  • Ease-of-use9.0/10
  • Value for money9.0/10
  • Customer support9.0/10
  • Functionality9.0/10
  • Platform Compatibility10/10

PhoneBurner works as a remote call center that reaches users mainly via phone. The software features include power dialing, call recording, call transfer, ID tracking, performance management, lead management, and other services that ensure successful cold calling and emailing campaigns.


  • Starting from $149.00 per month


  • Installed – Windows
  • Installed – Mac
  • Installed – Linux
  • Web browsers

Business size

  • Small


  • Cloud

PhoneBurner has a central admin portal to manage, analyze, and report about the calling performance. The platform is cloud-based and works properly on Mac, Windows, and Linux through installation or web browser. The minuses include an absence of a clear price list on the company’s website as well as the inability of their team to serve medium and large companies.

3. Agile CRM

Total Score 8.5/10

Agile crm logo
agile crm contact view
agile crm main page
  • Ease-of-use9.5/10
  • Value for money9.5/10
  • Customer support8.0/10
  • Functionality9.0/10
  • Platform Compatibility8.0/10

Agile CRM is an all-purpose platform that helps small and medium companies create advanced cloud-based phone systems. Their products are aimed at customer service improvement, email marketing, mobile marketing, social CRM, and other engagement features that strive to increase sales. Auto-dialing software is one of the products they offer. They help streamline, manage and automate phone communication between business and clients.


  • Starter – $14.99 per month ($9.99 per month if you pay for a year and $8.99 if you pay for two years)
  • Regular – $49.99 per month ($39.99 per month if you pay for a year and $29.99 for two years)
  • Enterprise – $79.99 per month ($64.99 per month if you pay for a year and $47.99 for two years)


  • Mobile – Android Native
  • Mobile – iOS Native
  • Web browser
  • Cloud
  • Saas

Business size

  • Small
  • Medium


  • Cloud

Agile CRM has beneficial offers for business owners ready to pay in advance. The short-time services are pretty expensive, while there are discounts for those who pay for a year or two at a time. Gladly, Agile CRM offers a free trial period.

The company provides feature-packed offers for all pricing options. They include call recording, call center management, power dialer, call scripting, predictive dialer, progressive dialer, and more. Also, the strong side of Agile CRM is compatibility with mobile devices. Among the cons of this service, one can highlight that there are no beneficial short-term offers here.

4. Mojo Dialer

Total Score 8.0/10

mojo app logo
  • Ease-of-use8.0/10
  • Value for money9.0/10
  • Customer support7.0/10
  • Functionality9.0/10
  • Platform Compatibility10/10

Mojo Automatic Dialer provides calling software that allows businesses to reach a massive audience. In the real estate industry, mass calling is extremely popular and widely-used. The main feature of Mojo’s software is an advanced three-line dialer that categorizes calls into three groups: no-response, responded, and don’t-call.


  • Lead Manager – $10 per user
  • Single Line Dialer – $99 per license
  • Triple Line Dialer – $149 per license


  • Installed – Windows
  • Installed – Mac
  • Web browser

Business size

  • Small
  • Medium


  • Cloud

Mojo can boast of having simple calling modes and filters that ensure efficient cold calling campaigns. The multi-line feature is able to make up to 300 calls per hour, which is a significant audience reach. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer any free trial versions and mobile-based services.

5. TalkDesk

Total Score 7.8/10

talkdesk logo
  • Ease-of-use9/10
  • Value for money7/10
  • Customer support8/10
  • Functionality9/10
  • Platform Compatibility9/10

A digital cloud-based call center TalkDesk provides customer support solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. Their auto dialer software includes IVR (interactive voice response), ACD (automatic call distribution), and routing. The company focuses on the personalization of conversations as well as maximal automation of all tasks.

There are three software packages available at TalkDesk – Professional, Professional Plus, and Enterprise. There are no fixed prices for the company’s services. Generally, rates are individual and depend on phone numbers, agents subscription, and call prices.


  • Cloud
  • SaaS
  • Web browser
  • Mobile – iOS native

Business size

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


  • Cloud

TalkDesk can boast of having rich functionality for analytics, reporting, and communication with customers. They have more than 25 tools to integrate. The best thing about the company is that they are focused on automated but personalized conversations with clients. The main minus is that you cannot find out an approximate price for the services until you order them.

Pricing for Auto Dialer Services Around the Market

Companies Subscription Type Prices
TMaxFree trial-
Agile CRMFree trial-
Mojo DialerFree trial-
Agile CRMMonthly subscription$15 - $170 per month
Five9Monthly subscription$15 - $170 per month
PhoneBurnerMonthly subscription$15 - $170 per month
GenesysMonthly subscription$15 - $170 per month
VoicentMonthly subscription$15 - $170 per month
Agile CRMAnnual subscription$120 - $160 per year
Velocify Annual subscription$120 - $160 per year
CloudTalkAnnual subscription$120 - $160 per year
EastCallAnnual subscription$120 - $160 per year
Mojo DialerOne-time license $80 - $200 per license
VoicentOne-time license $80 - $200 per license
LeadDeskOne-time license $80 - $200 per license

How to Choose the Right Auto Dialer Software for Your Business?

As you can see, there are numerous call centers and companies that provide auto-dialing services. They have different feature packages to offer, and it is crucial to choose the option that suits your business. Each business has a particular audience, objectives, and products, so to increase your marketing strategies, you need to mind these aspects when choosing auto dialer software. In the further paragraph, we will discuss various features and criteria to focus on when picking an auto dialer.

Standard Dialing Modes

●     Predictive dialer software

Predictive dialer software dials the customers’ numbers and directs them to the live agents when the positive response is received. This mode is called predictive because it has a specific algorithm that defines the best time to make the next call. With its help, chances to connect your clients to the real agent and make a deal grow, while the drop rate decreases. Also, this mode fixes unanswered calls and conversation time between a recipient and a business agent. The next call is made right after the previous one is over. Such an algorithm is time-saving and efficient.

In case you work in the sphere of sales, political campaigns, or telemarketing, this option will surely suit your company.

●     Progressive dialer software

Progressive dialer works the same as the predictive dialer. The main difference is that a progressive one dials a number when the agent is ready for a conversation. The dialing sessions are stopped until the current call is disconnected. Only when the agent is ready to start a new conversation, the dialer makes the next call.

This mode will suit businesses that require a personalized approach to each customer. When it is hard to predict how long the conversation will last, a progressive dialer is a perfect option. They are great for various technical services and sales.

●     Preview dialer software

The preview dialer displays the customers’ information before making a call. This allows agents to learn more about the recipient and get prepared for a conversation. The dialer starts phoning only when the agent is ready to start a dialogue.

This mode suits businesses that involve complicated and multi-layer sales. With their help, agents can learn the customers’ buying history, possible preferences, and other details. Based on the information, agents understand how to interact with each client personally, which increases the chances for successful deals.

Advanced Automatic Dialing Modes

Message lay-down dialing

Message lay-down dialing is used to inform your customers. This mode is automated and doesn’t require face-to-face conversations with a real agent. The lay-down dialing provides pre-recorded notifications. When the customer picks up the phone, he/she hears a message that an item is already in stock or that his package is waiting for him/her at the post office.

This mode is perfect for delivery companies and sales services. Not only can you provide clients with information about purchases, but also you are welcome to inform them about special offers and discounts this way.

Outbound interactive voice response (IVR)

IVR provides customers with personalized automatic notifications as well. These are not just robotic calls, but advanced individual messages – different for each recipient. Unlike messages delivered by predictive dialers, IVR uses CRM systems to deliver personalized customer’s experience in every case.

This mode will suit a business that works with contextualized customers’ data. This mode is perfect for technology, banking, healthcare, and sales industries.

Key benefits of auto dialer software for a call center: why do you need one?

Auto dialers have two fundamental benefits. First, they automatize the processes that don’t really need human agents. This saves your agents’ time and allows them to work with a broad audience fast. Second, auto dialer software makes phoning campaigns more efficient and increases chances for successful deals. Let’s discuss these benefits in detail.

Enhanced agent productivity and efficiency

Obviously, any type of auto-dialing software improves the call center functionality. Manual dialing takes too much time for hanging up, waiting for a response, dialing again in case of misdirecting, etc. With the help of auto dialers, only human-connected calls are directed to the real agents. There is no need for agents to waste time for busy, unanswered, or disconnected calls.

Agents have a chance to learn more about the customer before the dialogue

Preview dialer allows agents to view customers’ data and hold personalized conversations. This way, the representatives of your company will provide clients with relevant and useful offers. When the offers meet the demands, chances for successful deals grow.

Sorting numbers

Automatic dialing solutions detect unproductive numbers and avoid them in the future. Such numbers can include fax lines, numbers that are out of service, and DND (do not disturb).

Notifications and self-service

IVR and message lay-down dialing software provide customers with information about their purchases without a necessity to contact real agents. The pre-recorded messages allow clients to learn both general and personalized data (depending on the model you choose).

Popular Features of Auto Dialer Software

If you are pretty sure that an auto dialer is something that you really need for your business, you should note that the software price will depend on the number and complexity of features you would like to have. According to the service reviews located above, the packages provided by the software distributors are priced differently, considering the tools they include. Before making a decision, you should be aware of the most popular features to choose from. Check the descriptions of the most widely-used auto dialer tools:

●     Call recording

This tool records all of your calls. Businesses can use the recordings for training and quality purposes.

●     Call reporting

Using this tool, you get daily and weekly reports on how your phoning campaign is performing.

●     Call scripting

Call scripting is used for preview dialing. This feature is a pre-made guide that includes useful information about the customer. Before an agent makes a call, he/she can review the data.

●     Lead management

The lead management tool helps and guides your customers when they make their way through the ordering process.

●     Power dialer

Power dialer directs calls to the active agents that are ready for conversation at the moment.

●     Surveys

With the help of surveys, you can gather useful information about your customers’ preferences.

●     Multi-number dialing

Multi-number dialer calls all numbers in every contact record, which makes the phoning sessions faster.

●     Vertical dialing

Vertical dialing allows getting in touch with clients on any of their phone numbers urgently.

●     Local presence dialing

Local presence dialing allows dialing customers’ numbers using local area codes.

●     List prioritization/stacking

This tool makes priority lists and lines the numbers up.

●     Disposition codes

Call disposition codes are labels that inform agents about the call type, reason, outcome, and actions required.

●     SLA-based inbound/outbound blending

With this tool, agents are automatically moved from outbound dialing queues to inbound queues and back.

●     Abandonment-rate pacing

The tool tracks and records the percentage of abandoned calls.

●     Automated messaging

Automatic pre-recorded messages are delivered to your customers with the help of this instrument.

●     Callback scheduling

The auto dialer software routes the interaction to a real agent in the scheduled time and date.

●     Text-to-speech

This tool synthesizes and plays a speech that sounds like a human voice.

How to set up an auto dialer software?

If you have already chosen and purchased the auto dialer software, you need to set up it! Here are the instructions:

●     Connect the phone line

The single-line systems are connected to your modem’s Line input. However, multi-line ones are connected with the help of telecommunications services.

●     Set up the dialer

In the modem instructions, you will see the System bar at the top of the menu. Enter this section and select Preferences. You will see an Auto Dialer Setup there.

Choose the required settings and make sure that all operations are active. Leave the other settings as they are.

Click OK to save settings.

●     Set up operators

Now go to System > Preferences > Plans and Reference Tables > WIP Options.

Activate this feature by clicking Automatically Display Dialer.

In case the click-to-dial functions are active, allow Operators to dial numbers from the window called Collect. The dialer will automatically reach the numbers after you turn this function on.

For some auto dialing software, you need to allow the IP Address usage to dial the numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does an auto dialer cost?

    The price depends on your preferences and objectives. According to our research, the costs can vary from $10 to $200 per month, depending on the subscription plan and pack of features you choose. In general, prices can reach $40,000+ for systems with 70-100 channels.

  • How many users auto dialer software allows?

    Different types of software successfully serve small (10 to 50 employees), medium (50 to 250 employees), and large (250+ employees) companies.

  • How many contacts can I dial at a time?

    There is no limit for a number of contacts you can dial with the help of an auto dialer.

  • Are auto dialers legal?

    Yes, auto dialers are legal in case you use them to market customers who have opted to receive calls and messages from you.

Jerry Carter

Jerry Carter

Editorial Staff